Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Proof Prints

Preparing art for the art show coming up in the spring has been a grind the last few weeks. Perfecting emulsions and the combination of screen printing and inkjet prints has been insightful on the many different ways in which screen prints can be used. Messing around on paper and photos has cleared my mind on the dark areas of emulsion printing that I always wondered about. Hopefully in the end of the project, the prints will be a combination of the activities and cultures I am apart of outside of school. 

Had my GoPro today with me in the studio. Spent the night messing around with some new blown out screens that will be used for some final prints on inkjet photos. 
The GoPro camera could take the most horrendous photo or it could work perfectly, but you will never know until you get back to your room and check the photos. I enjoy the mystery of pointing and shooting and not be able to control all the variables. 

This would be an example of my ASPEN burner not blowing out clean in the screen. Fun to play around with but some what aggravating when real things could be happening. 

Creating different layered combinations of the screens helps get my mind around the layout for the final prints. 

 The most important part of the project. The letters.

It would be nice if I could look out the window and see PeruRail going up to Machu Picchu. 

Cometimes your failures can create wonderful combinations. This print has a screen from every work so far in the project. The screens are created with a centered theme and look, allowing all the prints to be combined together. 

First screen prints on inkjet photos.

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