Monday, June 3, 2013

Day in the Lyfe

Shot with the GoPro HD, I filmed my day-to-day activities over the last three years of my life. This is an edit that simulates an actual day in my life. I wish every day could be like this but that is impossible when attending Lawrence University. Living in Appleton tends to be a boring and uneventful life because most of our attention is towards academics. This edit shows the ways in which we get off campus and get a break from the academics that fill our lives.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Exploring Chris Burden

Moving from performance art to large scale installations, Chris Burden’s conceptual art focuses on political, environmental and technological changes in our society. In his early artist career, Burdens performance art was mysterious and jaw dropping. With performances like Shoot and Transfixed, Chris Burdens body takes a beating to present a point that many people have been arguing about for years. Getting shot through the arm or putting nails through his hands into the roof of a car certainly bring attention to Burdens curious ideas for performance art. 

Going into the 1980's Burden began to create large scale installations that commented on the political power of the state. For example, All The Submarines of the United States, and L.A.P.D. Uniforms comment on the power of the united states government nationally and globally. The submarines represent a nuclear influence the the United States has put on the world, while the oversized police uniforms represent the power of the state within the United States. Chris Burden still makes art and lives in Los Angeles to this day. Throughout his life he has mixed art with the performance world as well as mechanical production. The numerous styles of art that Chris Burden has worked with show us a wide range of skill that connects to many aspects of our lives.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Graffiti in Appleton... maybe 10 years ago, when the APD population was at a size in which every cop had something beneficial to do. Now is seems as though that there are two police officers for every Appletonian on College Ave. Giving out skateboarding warnings, or parking tickets, these Appleton police officers seem as though they are running out of things to do. With all the graffiti gone in Appleton and the surrounding area, the city is clean and free from a culture that will of course, lead the city down the wrong path. So when the opportunity arrives to paint a legal art mural, there is nothing else that should be painted but graffiti. Through this project I was hoping that I could simulate a graffiti piece and help Appleton experience an artistic culture that it has been missing for many years. The general publics response seems to be accepting, probably because it is something new and makes Appleton feel a bit more realistic and city like.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Bill Viola Influence

Here is a Smirnoff commercial I found that has very similar ideas and aspects from Viola's videos with water. 

Visiting Artist, Bill Viola

Bill Viola, an experimental electronic artist from New York gave an almost inspirational and somewhat interesting convocation on Wednesday. His organization throughout the convo seemed a little off, and the topics of talk ranged from Viola’s inspirations to the technology of our generation. Viola’s most intriguing topic, which was focused towards our artistic movement now, was the idea that technology could be used for good or for bad. This was interesting to think about, but it was very hard to learn about, from Viola’s talk. Bill viola took the topic to different levels of consciousness, which was then related to his experimental videos. 
The video’s that included an individual, in which fire or water engulfed their body, were very intriguing. The individual is completely lost in the water, but you as the viewer still know they are there from the shape of the water. Bill Viola’s videos were very intriguing and made me think about the technology that is within our generation’s grasps, and how we can utilize this technology through art. His convocation talk was hard to follow and somewhat disorganized, but his main themes could be seen in the experimental videos that were the main aspect of his artist visit.
Here is a link to the video "The Crossing"

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Devine Irreverence of Images

The final stage
Images edited through photoshop and narrowed down to one single 28x42 laser ink jet print.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Go Pro Peru

Go Pro in Peru.
Street art, sleeping in public, and the common tourist snaps.

Body Art

Body Painting project using acrylics and Molotow paint markers.

Winter Projects

A combination of works from a painting class in the studio and other winter requests

Stencil 1

 Stencil 2. Spray paint on Skateboard Deck

 Skateboard Deck graphic. Paint marker on wood

 Paint marker and spray paint on wood

 Paint marker and spray paint on wood

 Character sketches


Acrylic on canvas

 Senior Class T-shirts 

  Outdoor Recreation House T-shirts

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Summer Projects

Over the summer my cousin asked me to paint some boards for her dorm room at college. Instead of painting the boards separately I decided to drill boards onto this wall and just paint a burner on top of them...