Monday, April 29, 2013

Graffiti in Appleton... maybe 10 years ago, when the APD population was at a size in which every cop had something beneficial to do. Now is seems as though that there are two police officers for every Appletonian on College Ave. Giving out skateboarding warnings, or parking tickets, these Appleton police officers seem as though they are running out of things to do. With all the graffiti gone in Appleton and the surrounding area, the city is clean and free from a culture that will of course, lead the city down the wrong path. So when the opportunity arrives to paint a legal art mural, there is nothing else that should be painted but graffiti. Through this project I was hoping that I could simulate a graffiti piece and help Appleton experience an artistic culture that it has been missing for many years. The general publics response seems to be accepting, probably because it is something new and makes Appleton feel a bit more realistic and city like.


  1. Really awesome watching the process of someone actually doing the work.

  2. the music is good, the angle is nice, the video came out really cool.

  3. A fan of your graffiti work -- also great explanation/write up for the video. I agree -- graffiti is something people in Appleton need to see.