Monday, May 13, 2013

Exploring Chris Burden

Moving from performance art to large scale installations, Chris Burden’s conceptual art focuses on political, environmental and technological changes in our society. In his early artist career, Burdens performance art was mysterious and jaw dropping. With performances like Shoot and Transfixed, Chris Burdens body takes a beating to present a point that many people have been arguing about for years. Getting shot through the arm or putting nails through his hands into the roof of a car certainly bring attention to Burdens curious ideas for performance art. 

Going into the 1980's Burden began to create large scale installations that commented on the political power of the state. For example, All The Submarines of the United States, and L.A.P.D. Uniforms comment on the power of the united states government nationally and globally. The submarines represent a nuclear influence the the United States has put on the world, while the oversized police uniforms represent the power of the state within the United States. Chris Burden still makes art and lives in Los Angeles to this day. Throughout his life he has mixed art with the performance world as well as mechanical production. The numerous styles of art that Chris Burden has worked with show us a wide range of skill that connects to many aspects of our lives.